Division of responsibility SDA Masterplan and Lubenham Neighbourhood Plan

The following was agreed by Lubenham Parish Council at its meeting on March 11th 2013. This is recorded at minute number 1779 of the minutes of the March 2013 Parish Council meeting.

'Lubenham Parish Council agrees that the division of responsibility for the Neighbourhood Plan area that lies within its Parish is as defined below.

The District wide Local Plan (Core Strategy and Key Allocations) prepared by the District Council setting out:

  • Strategic policy for Market Harborough and SDA;
  • Allocation of land for Development of SDA as a Core Strategic Site;

This will mean that the development area is identified on an Ordnance Survey map appended to the Local Plan with broad areas identified for the location of schools, local shopping, community uses and open spaces and showing road access points. It will be accompanied by a policy statement providing the Local Plan policy (updating Core Strategy policy 13). This will be at a broad strategic level - with detailed policies to be formulated in the Lubenham Neighbourhood Development Plan.

  • Infrastructure requirements and transport mitigations;The Lubenham Neighbourhood plan will identify additional local traffic management measures within the parish.
  • Confirmation of dwelling capacity and employment capacity;
  • Housing delivery over period 2011- 2031; and
  • Phasing of housing and provision of through link road.

The Lubenham Neighbourhood Plan will complement Local Plan policies for the SDA by setting out local policy such as:

  • Character of SDA development in Parish;
  • Design of housing and open spaces;
  • Landscaping – strategic and local issues;
  • Area of Separation definition;
  • Policy for Showground; and
  • Policy for Green Acres.

It is also agreed that Lubenham Parish Council will be included in decision making and benefits in regard to any Community Infastructure Levy (CIL), or its equivalent, that is relevant to the SDA area that lies within the Parish. Details of which have yet to be defined.'