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Lubenham Neighbourhood Plan Submitted Version

Lubenham Neighbourhood Plan has been examined by an independent examiner. A few minor changes were made these were accepted by The Parish Council and the amended plan has been accepted by Harborough District Councils Executive. If the plan is accepted at a referendum, it will form part of the statutory planning framework for the area, and the policies and proposals contained within it will be used in the determination of planning applications. The amended Plan has now proceeded to a referendum that will be held on July 20th..

Prior to submission for examination, the Neighbourhood Plan was circulated within the Parish and among stakeholders and statutory agencies for comment.

All responses returned were considered and adjustments made to the plan before it was finally submitted. The plan in draft form before final submission is below. Comments received and how the plan was changed to reflect the comments can be seen in the consultation statement and at appendix 9.

Residents will be asked to vote for or against the plan in a referendum so it is important that it is right

Appendices to Draft Plan

Appendix 5 Consultation Results

Appendix 6 Traffic and Transport Studies

Appendix 7 Traffic Data

Appendices to Character Statement

Appendix 8 Publicity for Events

Appendix 9 Comments and amendments following 6 week consultation


Traffic and Transport Brief