Lubenham Housing Needs Survey
This survey is being undertaken as a part of the Lubenham Neighbourhood Plan which will establish general planning policies for the development and use of land in the Parish. This includes Bramfield, Gartree and Greenacres. More details of the Neighbourhood Plan, an opportunity to complete the survey online, and a map of the Parish can be viewed on
This survey is to determine the level of housing need from the local population over the plan period from 2013 - 2031
Please complete online at or return to your      Parish Councillor or the Clerk (addresses on attached letter) or by freepost RRRX- JKAK-TYZK Lubenham PC 133 Loughborough Road Leicester LE4 5LQ
Please return to your Parish Councillor or the Clerk (addresses on attached letter) or by freepost RRRX- JKAK-TYZK Lubenham PC, 133 Loughborough Road, Leicester, LE4 5LQ
2. Do you live and/or work in Lubenham Parish?
3. Do you own a dwelling or dwellings in the Parish?
4. Do you own property/land within the Parish that could be available for housing development in the future?
6. Does anyone currently living in your home need separate or alternative accommodation in the Parish now or in the near future?
7. Have any members of your family moved permanently out of the parish in the last five years because of a lack of suitable accommodation?
8. Do you know of anyone else seeking accommodation within the Parish?
9. What type of accommodation do you think is/was needed?
10. What type of tenure?
13. How many new homes would you support being built in Lubenham parish in the next 18 years ? This is excluding those proposed for the Strategic Development Area often referred to as Airfield Farm.
Through the Localism Act, if they want, communities will be able to build family homes to sell, affordable housing for rent, sheltered housing for older local residents, or low-cost starter homes for young local families struggling to get on the housing ladder.
The development will need to meet some basic conditions and have the agreement of local people through a community referendum.
It depends entirely what local people decide their community needs. The benefits of these developments, such as any profits generated, would be managed by a community organisation on behalf of the whole community.
15. Do you think that Lubenham Parish Council should seriously consider this option?
About you
Please answer the following questions to help us to understand the needs of different types of households.
18. Have you answered this questionnaire as an individual or on behalf of the household?
If you would like to be kept informed of progress on the Neighbourhood Plan or would like a Parish Councillor to contact you regarding the questionnaire  please provide contact details. All replies will remain confidential and your details will not be attributed to the response.