Lubenham Parish Council

Serving the people of Lubenham

Contact: Cllr Diana Cook
1 Mill Hill, Lubenham
Leicestershire LE16 9TH

Tel: 07768 472668

Speeding Traffic in Lubenham

Lubenham residents are concerned about speeding traffic that passes through the village. Speed is monitored on a vehicle activated display sign and it is found that at least 75% of traffic on the A4304 through the village travels at speeds higher than the 30 mph limit. Speed is also excessive along the Foxton and Laughton Roads and the road to Theddingworth outside the village where the national speed limit applies, this poses a danger to people living and visiting Bramfield Park home site. The Parish Council recently met with Lord Willy Bach (police and Crime Commissioner) to express their concerns that excessive speeds could lead to accidents. Speeding traffic makes it difficult for residents to cross the roads to access facilities of this village that is divided by the main A4304.

The Council takes this issue very seriously and requests that drivers obey the speed limits through our village.

Vehicle Activated Sign

Lubenham Parish Council purchased a mobile Vehicle Activated Sign which fits on a number of lampposts around the village and records vehicle speeds; it is moved from time to time. It shows and records the speed of traffic passing through the village.

Details of speeding traffic collected using the Vehicle Activated Sign are shown below.

Recent speeds recorded by the Vehicle Activated Sign